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What does Pre-workout do?

Pre-workouts are supplements designed to boost your energy level and mental focus before you work out. Caffeine, amino acids, beta-alanine, and creatine are all common ingredients for pre-workout supplements. They are usually taken 30-60 minutes before a workout and offer nutrients that will power your training session. They come in many forms, including powders, tablets, capsules, and pre-made shots.

What are the Benefits of Pre-Workout?

Taking a right pre-workout shake, drink or supplements can give you the workout edge and fuel for enhancing your performance. In addition, they can support your training goal. Ideal if you train early in the morning or after a long day at work.

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When shall I take Pre-workout?

Most pre-workouts should be taken within 30 – 60 minutes of exercise

How long does Pre-workout last?

Most pre-workout effects last at least 2 hours. This varies by ingredient. For example, the increased blood flow from arginine may wear off in 1–2 hours, while the energy boost you may get from caffeine can take 6 hours or more to wear off

Which pre-workout form is best? Tablet or powder?

It depends on your personal preference. A powder may be better if you struggle to adequately hydrate yourself, as this will be a passive way to take in more fluid.

Does pre-workout burn fat?

While a pre-workout supplement likely won’t trigger your body to burn more fat directly, it can help you accomplish fitness goals by boosting your workout performance.